cheebo and spitfiah’s tribute to one of the illest emcees ever.

"notice the Pink Floyd sample"


I’ve been digging this guy for a great deal of time now both for his experimental dubstep influenced beats and his drunken flow.. I even got his Ghostpoet feat Fabiana Palladino - survive it on vinyl (tasty).. sooo listen and hopefully enjoy.. 


A buch of instumentals for when you wanna unwind, throw your feet up and relaxe.. 


Mixtape for the masses

About a year ago i was in a jazzy hiphop state for a while and i thought i’d share the mixtape that came out of it: 

1) Madlib - The Mystery (Dilla’s Still Here)

2) Blazo - Jazzy Beat (Outside the bar)

3) Grap Luva - Work-It-Out (Damu The Fudgemunk on the boards)

4) Artifacts - C’mon Wit Da Git Down [Buckwild Remix] feat. Busta Rhymes

5) Surreal And The Sound Providers - Push On

6) Kero One - It’s a New Day

7) People Under The Stairs - Plunken ‘Em

8) Heiruspecs - ‘Heartsprings’

9) Samurai Champloo - Kodama

10) People Under The Stairs - Sunroof

11) Nobody Beats The Beats - Melleow Madness

12) Ohmega Watts - Mind Power

13) The Strange Fruit Project - Maintain

14) Den Sorte Skole - Spor 11

15) Atmosphere - Good Times

16) Ohmega Watts - Dream On (Outro)

Download Here